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Machines are buzzing and I am as busy as a bee making your quilts beautiful!

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A quilt is the perfect gift for someone special!

Looking for a unique gift...or little something to add some color to your room?
A new quilt is just what you need!
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Many of these quilts were made a class samples or shop samples displayed at my local quilt shop.
Others I just made because I loved the pattern! Pick out your favorite to brighten you home!

Below are just some of the great quilts in my shop.
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king size

106" x 106"

Chevron Tuffet

foot stool
18" diameter, 11" tall

Tumbling Triangles

throw size
52" x 52"

Saint Tropez

70" x 83"

Forage Bag

blue cork accent
7" x 9" x 1.5"

Butterfly Braid

67" x 81"

Color My World

small twin
58" x 70"

Sweet and Breezy

large throw size
65" x 65"

Heat Wave

small twin
57" x 72"

Wildflower Bright

throw size
60" x 60"


Lone Star

throw size
or display as a wall quilt
49" x 49"

Cup o' Charm

small twin
62" x 73"

The Bling Thing

small twin
59" x 76"

Flower Power Pinwheels

throw size
50" x 67"

Dragonfly Time

throw size
43" x 50"

Butterfly Garden

small twin
55" x 74"

Frog Pond

baby/toddler quilt
36" x 44"

Ho-ho-ho! Let it Snow!

throw size
39" x 53"

After the Rain

throw size
or display as a wall quilt
41" x 41"

Kaleidoscope Stars

small throw/lap quilt
37" x 45"

Friendship Star

baby/toddler quilt
39" x 52"

Dine on the Nines

table runner
19.5" x 44"

Zig Zag Baby

baby/toddler quilt
32" x 40"

Dine on the Nines

table runner
19.5" x 44"