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Have you ever made a mystery quilt?  They are so much fun!  This one is a 4 month mini-mystery to make a baby quilt!
If you have been quilting for a while you surely have enough scraps to make this one!

I have designed this quilt to be a fun project, nothing too complicated.  I tried to use primarily scraps, but you will need to select a background fabric.  The finished size will be 36”x48”.  It is definitely designed as a baby / toddler quilt… great as a charity quilt or to give to your favorite little one. The final instructions will be posted on December 1st!  Each month you will only need an evening or two to complete month's instructions.

Submit photos of you complete quilt top by December 31, 2016 to be entered in a drawing to win a $25 gift certificate for long arm quilting by My Quilting Beehive.

Select your Fabrics:

  • You will need one and a half yards of a background fabric (actually, one yard, ten inches if you cut with no errors, but I like to round up). To select your background, look through your scraps to see what kind of scraps you will use.  My collection is very bright, so I selected a bright blue background.  I will not use any blue scraps in my quilt. Your background fabric should contrast with your scraps.  I recommend a solid or tone on tone for the background-- save the fun prints for the scraps.
  • You will need many assorted scraps about from four to six inches square (about 40 in all).  I recommend trying to use each fabric only one time.  If you do not have that many different fabrics, you can buddy up and swap scraps with a friend. You can choose to be totally scrappy, use all brights, all pastels, all variations of a color, all baby prints, or use a charm pack with some of your stash.  If you need to repeat fabrics, do not put 2 of the same fabrics touching each other.  September and October sections will not touch each other, and November and December sections will not touch each other, so use repeats in those months if possible to avoid having a fabric touching itself.
  • If you are using any directional fabric prints—note that they will not necessarily end up in the direction you want them—keep them random for best results (do not try putting them all in the same direction).
  • You will also need backing, batting, and binding, but you might want to wait until after you see the final quilt to select those.

The key in your fabric selection is that your background fabric makes the others stand out.


Mystery Quilt Part 1

Click here to open the instructions for the first part of your quilt

Please email if you have any questions or problems.

Here is a photo of what you need to make this month:

Mystery Quilt Part 2

Click here to open the instructions for the second part of your quilt

Please email if you have any questions or problems.

Here is a photo of what you need to make this month and a close up of the 3-D flap detail:



Mini Mystery Quilt Part 3

Click here to open instructions for the third part of your quilt

Here is what we are making this month. There are 3-D flaps like last month.  Can't you just picture a baby having tummy time laying on a quilt grabbing at the little flaps??

Mini Mystery Quilt Part 4

Click here to open the final instructions!

I hope you had fun making this cuddly patchwork bear!!! Email photos of your completed quilt top or post them on the My Quilting Beehive Facebook page to be entered to win a $25 gift certificate from My Quilting Beehive!

The final section is to make the top three rows which includes the flaps sewn into a half-square triangle for the ears. I made the face by fusing on the shapes and machine stitching around them.  If you are making this for an older child you could use buttons for eyes but they might be a choking hazard for a younger child.