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Sandy Hook, Virginia

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Machines are buzzing and I am as busy as a bee making your quilts beautiful!

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Some happy and sad news. I have accepted a full time position as a Preschool Teacher. It's happy because I love teaching, but sad because I have to cut back on the number of quilts I can help make beautiful. I will still be doing longarm quilting, but will be taking a break from making t-shirt quilts, memory quilts, and other custom projects.

In Memory of my Grandma, Sophie Paride December 26, 1923- November 5, 2020
These Memory Bears were made from my Grandma's shirts. She often wore a kerchief around the house, so I used her vintage handkerchiefs as kerchiefs. The eyes are all from her button box (it was a Whitman's chocolate box).  And I always picture her with her hair set in rollers...so I included that special detail.


These cute little bears were made from clothing! Flannel or fleece make the softest bears, but they can be made from other materials as well.  One adult shirt and a second for the accent (ears and feet) is all you need. You could also use several shirts to make a patchwork bear.

One of a kind bears starting at $75

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