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My Quilting Beehive 2020 Marvelous Mystery


Welcome to My Marvelous Mystery Quilt! We have 12 months of quilting fun ahead of us!  This quilt will be a great project for quilters of all levels.  Directions have been written with beginners in mind.  The quilt includes 12 sampler style blocks that will finish at 6” square and various block units that will be used to put all the sampler blocks together.  What will it look like? Well, that is the fun of a mystery quilt and I won’t tell!  But I promise it will be beautiful.

There will be a few fabrics used throughout the quilt, but the rest will be “planned scrappy.” This means you will pick fabrics (at least 12 different fabrics) that coordinate with your main-focus fabric to use in the scrappy parts. The focus fabric will be used as the outer border of the quilt (and can be used in scrappy parts).  The finished size of the quilt will be determined by your border width.  The main body of the quilt will be 63” x 63”.  You can choose your border width to be 6”, 8” or 10” to make your finished quilt 75”x 75” or 79”x79” or 83”x83”.

Instructions will be posted on the second Saturday of each month. If you would like to get an email with the instructions, please send an email to michele@myquiltingbeehive.com and I will add you to my Marvelous Mystery email group. I have also created a private Facebook group “My Quilting Beehive 2020 Marvelous Mystery.”  If you would like to join, log in and let me know.  It is for sharing your photos of work in progress, asking questions if you are having trouble, and motivating each other to keep working on each month’s portion of the project.